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Call only the best local pressure washing company in the CSRA. Ensure you work with a pressure washer who has been pressure washing homes of all sizes for years. A top-rated, certified company who complies with all the laws regarding high powered cleaning services. We ensure you work with a company who’s employees are trained in their area of operation and handling of equipment. We draw from a long experience of professionalism and efficiency to give you total satisfaction in your cleaning needs. We, as professionals, recognize that pressure washing is an essential part of home and commercial building maintenance. We want to help you keep your investments well-maintained.

Expert Pressure Washing Services​

Welcome to our website! We pair you with locally owned and operated companies who give back to the CSRA community with customer satisfaction, professionalism, and integrity. Get matched with the right washer who will talk with you about exactly what you want done, and provide only the highest-quality work.

More Than Just an Aesthetic Factor

Receive only premier services in Augusta GA at competitive pricing. There are a plethora of reasons why caring for your roof or siding via pressure washing is more than just an aesthetic factor. Your structure must be cared for, even if you cannot see the build-up of dirt, debris, and algae.

Timely, Professional Pressure Washing Services

At Pressure Washing Augusta, we pair you with a company who will deliver a timely and professional roof and siding pressure washing service that cleans dirt, mess, and debris from the top of your roof and the sides of your home, having it shining brightly once again.

Call The Best Siding & Roof Washing Pros in Augusta GA

Power Washing Services, to keep your roof looking spic and span (as well as prolonging it’s lifespan.)

When you own any property, upkeep is vitally important to maintaining equilibrium and efficiency. A home or commercial property that is poorly kept is likely to give you more headaches than you need to go through.

This is why, at Pressure Washing Augusta, we provide you with home contractors who provide high-level power washing services to help clean down roofs. 

achieving your goals

  • Save on energy bills with newfound home efficiency.
  • Increase the value of your home.
  • Strengthen your roof structure & forget extensive repairs.
  • An extended lifespan of your roof, save money.

A Seasoned power washing company, Just one call away

Work with people who take their jobs seriously and make sure you’re getting access to the cleaning assistance you need, when you need it.

Our partner companies work around the clock to deliver spectacular home washing services that provides the results needed. 

200% Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

Need we say more?

Then contact us today! We look forward to helping your family keep your roof in the best condition possible!

if you are the owner of a property that is in need of some roof care and attention, contact us today. We’ll set up a consultation to come around and take a closer look at your present roof condition. If we feel like it needs any work done to help keep you within warranty or to improve the quality of your roof, we’ll arrange a cost-effective quote to take things an extra step further.

Soft Wash Services in Augusta, GA

Get Rid of That Dirt build up on your home.

Cleaning the inside of your home is something that everyone does on a daily basis without thinking twice. The outside of your home, however, is often neglected. Over time, algae, mold, dirt, and grime build up on your roof, vinyl siding, driveway, and sidewalk, which can harm the home or pavement. Not to mention, a mold build up on your homes exterior can also affect the health of the residents inside the house. If you wait too long to find a cleaning solution for this filth on your property, it will cost you much more money in the long run.

The roof and siding of your home will start to get eaten away by the mold and fungi, and if the damage is severe enough, you will have to replace them completely. Your driveways and sidewalks get damaged by salt used to melt ice over the winter, which can cause cracks in the pavement.

When the pavement cracks, water can seep in. If these cracks get filled with water and freeze during the cold winter months, they will become bigger and bigger, requiring a pavement contractor to come out and repair the damage that has been done. If your home has any signs of mold, fungi, or dirt build up, it is time to consider pressure washing.

Whether you have a pressure washer or want to hire a pressure washing service, it is essential to give the outside of your house the cleaning it needs and deserves.

Dirt build up on your business? Wash it Off!

When owning commercial property, it is not only important to keep your building and parking lot clean for the presentation, but for the health liability of your customers. When a customer comes to your establishment, the first things they see are the parking lot and exterior of your building.

This is the first impression they have of your business, so why not do a good job impressing them? If they like what they see immediately, their experience with your company is already off to a good start, and they are more likely to spend money on your products/service and come back time and time again. Having a wrong first impression starts them off on a bad note and could potentially make them go somewhere else entirely.

On top of having a good presentation of your company, having a clean and safe property is something you are liable for as a business owner. If someone injures themselves due to damage to your pavement or get sick because of mold in your building, your company is responsible.

Before any harm is done to your property or reputation of your business, consider hiring a power washing company to come clean your building with state of the art power washers.

What we do

We match pressure washing business to homeowners in Augusta. We work with companies who offer outdoor cleaning services to commercial and residential properties. We choose who we work with by their attention to detail, knowledge of the soft-wash industry, friendly employees, Google ratings and state of the art technology, ensuring they stand out from the rest. Call today to request a free estimate!

Most cleaning is done during work hours
Our experts are available for those off-times such as weekends and holidays. We understand how many people are very busy, or lack the necessary equipment and resources to perform pressure washing tasks.
Professional pressure washing
We see a lot where people will rent a machine themselves and then realize it can't do the job. Some of these are very old, not maintained, and rented by hundreds of others who mistreated them. A lack of professional pressure washing could leave your home looking run down or business premises looking drab and unsightly. If you are too busy, or the task of pressure washing is simply unbearable, you no longer have to worry about working on the restoration of your property to a decent look.
We are located within reach of your premises
Our vans are fully equipped with all the necessary materials for pressure washing jobs. No more need to go try and find a pressure washing machine to rent for a quick job and hope it works or doesn't break.
Pressure Washing Augusta
Are here and available for any pressure washing services, either at your private home or your business premises. No place is too small or large to be cleaned by our experts. We provide power wash cleaning of premises and properties such as homes, apartment blocks, cabins, vehicles, offices, factories, stores, shopping malls, stadia, gas stations, and so forth.
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Our company has drafted a solid business plan that will ensure our future. We have put in place measures to ensure we stay in the market for a long time to come, so that you are assured our services are here to stay. We have deliberately kept our prices affordable, services impeccable, and our internal management competent. We are insured against various risks, including the unlikely event that a customer lodges a claim against us, injury, loss, damage, theft, and so forth. We have the necessary legal requirements and certifications in place. We already have the finances to run our business, a reliable credit line, selected suppliers of quality materials and equipment, and we are strategically located to reach you in the shortest possible time. ​

Pressure Washing Businesses at Your Fingertips

Our experts will first discuss your washing needs, figure out the best approach to conduct the job, and work out the price. Our prices are affordable and we provide the best value for money. What is more? We give you a special bonus coupon.

We have top-of-the-line house washing equipment, products, and gear have been sourced carefully from reputable suppliers. They are diversified to suit different types of requirements and meet the challenges of pressure washing. We understand that no two customers have exactly the same cleaning needs or requirements. We also have our own transportation to carry all the cleaning equipment. Our employees are highly trained in their fields of expertise, knowing the proper way to operate all machinery safely. Our ability to adapt to circumstances and challenges is what makes our company stand out from the competition. And to give you peace of mind that all is well, we have insurance cover against all service related claims.

In our bid to make a household name for ourselves in all of the CSRA, we strive to provide you, the customer, with not only a job well done, but excellent customer service. We feel that for your pressure washing needs, you should be provided with the best choice – Pressure Washing Augusta GA. We continually receive positive review and referrals from many happy customers, and we are on multiple social media platforms in order to always be available to communicate with past, present, and future clients. We continue to use as many networking opportunities as we can. In providing you service, we ensure that ours is a superior service and great value for money.

One of our biggest goals is to always arrive on time when called or on appointment. Also, we always ensure our work meets or exceeds your expectations.


We power wash any areas that have mold, grime, and dirt, ensuring it is all removed. We are skilled at restoring surfaces to their original, clean look. Having your areas cleaned on a regular basis helps with the prevention of built up algae and moss which leads to nasty slips and falls; not to mention it doesn’t look very appealing. Our staff is highly trained and knows how to make your place sparkle again. The range of our pressure washing services for both homes and businesses includes:
  • Carpets at home and office
  • Roofs and Ventilations
  • Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Sidewalks and Walkways
  • Floors, Walls and Fences
  • Floor Decks
  • Car Wash including the body, interior and engine
  • Patios
  • Pavers
  • Pool areas
  • Monuments
  • Restoration
  • And any other area that requires pressure washing
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Outdoor Cleaning with High-Pressure Washing

Carpets are difficult to clean without the right equipment. The normal vacuum cleaning only removes loose specks of dust and dirt, but stains and sticky substances are left stuck in the carpet. Moisture is very unhealthy for carpets. We vacuum carpets ourselves before doing the rest of the cleaning process. Our softened, hot water mixed with appropriate cleaning agents, is jetted into the carpet work and then suctioned with powerful pumps to leave your carpet clean and dry. Furthermore, our service is delivered on location. No need to worry about folding and removing it from the room.

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Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing of gum is a national passion that we cannot fault or stop, but pieces of gum that are recklessly thrown on the floor, walkway and driveway cause annoyance when we step on them and they stick on the shoes. Our gum removal equipment will remove the gum and clean off the area, giving users a comfortable, clean place to walk.

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Car Park Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning

Your parking lot, garage, driveway, walkway, or sidewalk is the gateway to your premises. And yes, first impressions really do matter. They should be safe; not being slippery or littered with debris and obstacles. They should also look well maintained in order to impress visitors, especially if it's your business. Our company will ensure that these areas are impeccably clean. Moreover, we are available to work at late hours when there is low human traffic, so that we do not interrupt your visitors. (Kind of like when people are doing roadwork during mid-day causing crazy traffic jams. Nobody likes that).

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Pressure Washing Outdoor Surfaces

We can take care of your air conditioning unit by spraying all of the dirt out of it so it can breathe and ultimately run better! We also take care of walls, concrete pavements, and other outdoor surfaces are particularly susceptible to persistent dirt, grease, grime, mold, spills, oil and grease smudges, and stains. Using our pressure washing surface cleaning equipment and materials we can get rid of environmental pollutants like smoke, dust and debris. Moreover, we work to restore the surface to its original clean and fresh shine. Before cleaning, we treat the surfaces in order to remove bugs and bacteria, and scrape off slimy moss and algae, stains, and any other unsightly things on the surface. We then follow these actions with cleaning with properly adjusted pressure washing. We can also conduct minor repairs, waxing, sand polishing, and waterproofing (sealing) on surfaces as well. Our experts will do everything possible not to affect surrounding lawns and flower beds.

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Roof Cleaning

When it comes to ensuring we are keeping our homes in top quality condition, washing roofs often falls down the list of priorities. Roof pressure washing services are one of the most reliable ways to get your roof cleaned – but how often do you consider the conditioning of your roof?
For many homeowners, their roof is out of sight, and out of mind. Without the ability to see every inch of your roof, it’s easy to mistake small and minor algae build-up on one section as being representative. Often, though, it’s the parts of the roof out of your view that can be the most significantly damaged.

We clean roof stains all the time. Fun fact: some of the most “under-cleaned” places in buildings are the roofs. Hedges and trees surrounding your premises shed their leaves which fall onto the roof, and wind blows dust and more debris on the roof. The debris block gutters and prevent water from flowing freely, and if you harvest rain water, it ends up being dirty and mucky.

The roof can look unsightly or be stained by all types of debris. Being as a roof is a difficult area to reach, and yet so exposed to the elements, it is important to hire the right company to clean it up using customized equipment for such jobs. We have the necessary equipment and know how to carry out these tasks safely.

We use specialized safe wash chemicals that are specifically meant for roof cleaning and will not be hazardous to the environment, especially the lawn grass and flowerbeds later. These special chemicals kill germs and bugs, but preserves plants and trees. We do not stain surfaces as done by corrosive chemicals like chlorine.

Our Promise

As most homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes longer, their investment becomes increasingly important. Everybody deserves to stay in a clean, pleasant and comfortable environment that inspires one’s inner energy. Home owners are therefore opting to remodel and clean their homes to the highest standards by choosing us.

Our technology and techniques allow for the shortest drying time so that you are not kept out of your premises for an unnecessarily long time. We do not leave any residues on your premises, be it flooding waters, soiled lawns, or heaps of trash. Our service is of the highest standards and leaves a sparkle that is shinier than a smile, and our customers acclaim our wonderful services. Our mode of working is ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY, as we do not use corrosive or unsafe chemicals, and we do not waste water. Besides, we are happy to offer a long term contract if that is what is best for you and your home or office.

Our customers love the cleanliness they receive. See some of their testimonials!

These guys are awesome! These guys were able to get some tough stains off the driveway. I will use again when needed.
Ryan Kunz
Awesome set of individuals running this company. Very pleased with my decision to work with them. Overall, I'd give them A+. They're flexible and friendly.
Taylor Condrin
Excellent job! They do what they say! Saved me lots of time and money! Will refer to all my friends! Thanks Guys.
Joseph Vang

Naturally, it’s essential to do all that you can to avoid investing in new siding or new roofing. With a pressure washing company in Augusta GA, you can get access to a company that can help to keep your home in top-notch condition.

Plus, experience a much more efficient quality of life. Your roof keeps the energy you need to use right where it needs to be – under your roof. The more energy that can seep out through the roof, the more you need to spend on energy bills. The cost of a power wash is much smaller than the annual energy costs you’ll be seeing rise up!

When you undergo a power washing service, you will get to enjoy:

Improved peace of mind. When it comes to moving and selling your home or trying to improve it, the roof has to be in good shape. This is the foundation of any right house. Knowing that your roof is free of these damaging organisms such as algae can deliver a peace of mind that you just would not have had previously.

Better quality of work. Another primary reason why many people look to power washing their roof is the aesthetic appeal. Your household will look better, improving its overall value in the marketplace and thus make it easier to promote a sale, should the time come where you want to move on.

The more extended lifespan of the roof. A roof that isn’t having to fight off the infection and irritation of algae and another build-up can enjoy a longer lifespan. If you expect your roof to last you for a couple of decades, then it has to be cared for. Using a power washing company like ourselves at Pressure Washing Augusta GA can give you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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